Sunday, December 15, 2013


I’m not sure if this goes with my creation theme, but I wanted to share some of the ornaments that hang on my tree.  I have a very wide assortment of ornaments.  Some Kitschy, some homemade, some old, some new, and many that aren’t really ornaments at all. I just really like anything with a special meaning.  I especially like the homemade ones and the weird little ones that make me smile!
Here are some of my favorites…
DSC_3818 copy
I’ve had this little guy for many years.  It’s my son, Danny’s favorite.
DSC_3825 copy_edited-1
Here is an example of the things on my tree that aren’t really ornaments.  It’s a tiny box of vintage mini-ornaments.  So, I guess since they are ornaments, they kind of fit into the ornament category, right?
DSC_3830 copy
Remember these little characters from the 70’s?  My mother gave this one to my son when he was just 2 years old.
DSC_3832 copy_edited-1
Here is another “non-ornament”.  I have many photos on my tree, but this is my favorite. These are three of my grandkids trying to flee the scene during their visit with Santa.  Sometimes those photos that you think were a disaster at the time you took them turn out to be your favorites as time goes by!
DSC_3845 copy_edited-1
What Christmas tree would be complete without a spider made out of Styrofoam, pipe cleaner, and glitter?  This was made by my daughter, Mary when she was a little girl.
DSC_3846 copy_edited-1
Ok, I know…weird.  These go into the kitschy vintage category that makes me smile.
DSC_3857 copy
Last, but not least, is an ornament from my childhood in the 60’s.
Hope you enjoyed my odd little ornaments!
Until next time…
I hope you make time during this busy season to enjoy the little things that make you smile.
Praising God for all of His blessings,
Jane  <><


  1. Fun pictures! I don't even remember making that spider :) The Santa picture is the best

  2. I love my Christmas spider. I think you were about Hailey's age when you made it :)


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