Thursday, December 5, 2013


Today I’m sharing with you some of the ornaments that I made.  I made several of them for the Craft sale that I was in a few weeks ago.  Here is how I made them…
I used a canvas type fabric to make them.  Some of them were stamped with a permanent ink before I started sewing.  I put 2 uncut pieces (about 5”x 5”) of fabric together right side out.  I then lightly penciled the shape on the fabric.  Next, I sewed along the pencil line, leaving a small opening for the polyfil stuffing – for the first bird, I left the tail open and tied it with twine instead of sewing it shut.  Then I cut around it leaving about a quarter inch margin – You can use a pinking shears for this too.  Stuff it and sew the opening shut.  Now, a little hand-stitching, fabric glue, string for a hanger, burlap, buttons, or any other embellishments that you may want to use, and you’re done!
These are the ornaments that I had left after the sale... 
DSC_0690 copy
DSC_0692 copy
DSC_0700 copy
DSC_0702 copy
DSC_0710 copy
DSC_0713 copy
I hope your creative juices are flowing this December!
Until next time…
Oh, what a wonderful God we have!  How great are His riches and wisdom and knowledge!   Romans 11:33
In awe of His riches,
Jane  <><

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