Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Room With A View

I have a “fake” window in my house.  It’s hanging on an inside wall that has no real windows.  I bought this window, complete with shutters, at a Garage sale a few years back.

The fun part of having a fake window is that I can put any scene that I want into it.  So, what I do is change the scene for each of the four seasons.  I use my own photos to make a 13x19 print.  I have a large format printer that can do this.  If you don’t have a printer that can do this, you can have a photo processing place make one for you (surprisingly cheap).

If you don’t happen to have an old window, you can buy unfinished wood window frames with or without the glass at Menard’s or Home Depot.  You can paint them any color, or use an aging process for a shabbier look.  I haven’t checked for a place to buy the shutters, but I’m sure there is one.

Here is my window with a Winter scene photograph that I took…Seeing it reminds me of the endless amount of time I spent sledding and skating as a child.

My grandkids made the cute little penguins for me last year.  The old Santa bobble-head has been in my family since I was a little girl.

It’s fun to know that no matter what room you’re in, you can always have a room with a view!

Until next time…

May God give you the eyes of a child to see the wonder of the Christmas season!

Exalting My Savior,
Jane  <><

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