Monday, August 26, 2013


I belong to a group board on Pinterest called “Lord Jesus Saves”.  I love how inspiring it is to have so much of God’s word coming into my life everyday through Pinterest.  The photography and artwork is just so beautiful.  I can’t say that I love 100% of what comes in (maybe more like 80%), but the good definitely outweighs the not- so-good.
Ever since I’ve had the capability (through Photoshop - many years ago), I have loved to put words with my photos and art.  I enjoy finding just the right verse to go with the image, and choosing a font that I think is a right fit for the image as well.  I then frame some of them for gifts or for sale in my Etsy shop, or make greeting cards with them.
Here are a couple of photographs that I did this past week…
God's comfort
I tried to find out who wrote this beautiful quote, but couldn't find who it was.
Sunset canoe
I took this picture at my friends cabin.  I actually had them canoe back and forth several times just to get the composition that I wanted.  Thank you for your patience Lori and Darlene!
I hope that I’ve inspired you in some way to bring beautiful words and scripture into your life every day.
Until next time…
Your word is a lamp for my feet, and a light for my path.          Psalm 119:105
Praising God for lighting my way,
Jane  <><


  1. What a great post . The images with the words are so inspiring. Thanks, by the way for your encouraging post. Meant a lot. Nice to meet ya.

  2. Hi Tina, I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner...I took a little break for blogging for a while.
    Thank you for nice comment, it means a lot to me to get positive feedback!


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