Monday, August 19, 2013

Having Fun With Color Swatches

I’ve been having more fun with making color swatches.  I’m hoping that the color combinations will inspire people in their decorating and craft projects just like they inspire me.  My last swatches were pinned to Pinterest many times, so that’s always an encouragement for me to create some more!
Here is one I did using a photo that I took in our basement.  We have it all fixed up as a 1950’s malt shop (which I'll be blogging about soon).  My pretty little model is Miss Hailey, my granddaughter.  In spite of the many wardrobe changes, props, and poses, she was very patient with me as I clicked away - looking for just the right shot. 
DSC_8653 blog
This next photo is a little scene I came across while walking on the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior.  Well, to be honest, I may have staged it just a little bit.  I love the earthy color palette.
feather color swatch copy
The last one for today is from a watercolor painting that I did a few months ago.  The colors go perfectly in my guest bathroom…which they should, since I painted the picture to match this bathroom.
Cardinal Color Swatch copy
…and that’s it for today.  I hope you are having a fun-filled summer!
Until next time…
“The more of heaven we cherish, the less of earth we covet.”    David Brandt Berg
Jane  <><

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