Tuesday, June 18, 2013

30 Days of Creativity…Day 18

I have all of these little blocks of wood that I’ve been meaning to do something with for a long time.  One of the things that I wanted to try is to put words on them. 
I first sanded and painted the wood with acrylic craft paint.  Then I tried using my Glaze Pens (by Sakura).  These pens are amazing.  They are opaque like a gel pen, but they shine and have a little dimension to them.  You can use them on almost anything…even a smooth finish. 
DSC_9329 copy
Here is the block that I did using them…
DSC_9312 copy
Here’s what happens when you use a non-permanent pen…whoops.
DSC_9319 copy
I also tried using a stencil.  I bought these stick-on stencils at Michaels…
DSC_9322 copy
Here is my result…I thought that because they were sticky the paint wouldn’t leak or bleed.  I was wrong.  I tried using a Sharpie too, and I still had the problem.
DSC_9331 copy
Next, I tried using rub-ons.  These worked great.  They were my favorite look, and so easy…
DSC_9321 copy
DSC_9337 copy
So, that’s what I came up with.  I’m going to experiment a little more with my own writing, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to do as well as the rub-ons.
DSC_9339 copy
DSC_9358 copy
DSC_9379 copy
DSC_9382 copy
Until tomorrow…
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  
Psalm 119:105
Jane  <><


  1. I just love these! I have got to get me some rub-ons!
    You are doing sooo great with your 30 days of Creativity,
    I really appreciate it!
    Love and thanks, Cathy

  2. Thank you Cathy...I really appreciate the encouragement!!! And, If you want any of the wood pieces, I have plenty to share!

  3. These are beautiful! I still like the joy one even with the little smears on it. Gives it character. :)


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