Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends!  I decided for my first post of 2013, I would make a list of 12 goals that I hope to achieve in the coming year.  Here they are in random order…

1. Spend more time with my Lord, and try my best to glorify Him in all that I do, giving Him praise and honor with joy and thanksgiving

2. Post more on my blog – especially DIY’s and tutorials

3. Take some of the time I spend on Pinterest and use that time to actually paint and draw, craft, sew, decorate my home, and make yummy food using the inspiration that I get from Pinterest.  To put it simply…create more, pin less.

4. Less time with technology (computers, TV, cell phones, tablets), and more time unplugged with Gregg.

5. Eat healthier

6. Walk more

7. Add new items to my Etsy shop

8. Re-decorate my laundry room and bathrooms

9. Introduce more color into my home by adding red to my yellow and turquoise

10. Start a regular date night schedule with Gregg

11. Make an inspiration board for my studio

12. Share more of my art/craft knowledge, resources, and supplies with others

So, there it is.  Maybe a little ambitious, but definitely attainable with the Lord’s help.

I’ll leave you with a doodle.
Blessings to all in the new year…may all of your goals, hopes and dreams be fulfilled with the incredible loving care of the Lord and Savior!

Jane <><


  1. What a wonderful goal list Jane! You can do ALL things through Christ :) Looking forward to the coming year together!
    God Bless,

  2. These are great goals, in fact the first 7 or 8 are the same as mine! But after reading yours, I think I might add in the date night one as well.

    I like goal number 1.

    You are one of the most artistically gifted people God created. Have a blessed year,.


  3. Thank you Fi! You are so sweet!

  4. I look forward to our date night and quality time at home. Love You


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