Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pretty Packages

I decided to do something a little different this year for my Christmas wrapping.  I started by using only red and white gift wrap.  What a surprising time-saver this was!   Cutting down on the choices made for a much simpler, less messy time of it.  It also cost less money, since I used a 40% off coupon for a roll of white drawing paper from Michaels (the kind that goes in a children’s easel).  

Instead of gift tags, I used black and white prints of the person who is receiving that gift. I used baby or older pictures of them, so they will have a little challenge when finding their gifts under the tree.  My grandkids were here last weekend, and they loved the photo tags!

I wanted to keep the wrapping plain so that I could focus more on the embellishments (the fun part).  I had many décor items already, but I did buy a few fun things at Michaels too.  

Here are some of my gift wrapping creations…

DSC_7228 copy
DSC_7220 copy
DSC_7223 copy
DSC_7225 copy
DSC_7237 copy
DSC_7243 copy
DSC_7231 copy
DSC_7233 copy
DSC_7227 copy
DSC_7235 copy

This was hands down my favorite year for decorating gifts!  I plan on going to Michaels after Christmas when the holiday ribbon and other items go on sale for next to nothing – then I will be all set for next year!  Oh, and here’s another tip…in the isles of Michaels where they have the garland, picks, and artificial greenery, there are lots of pieces on the floor that have fallen off.  I picked them up, and asked the girl at the check-out if I could have them, and she said “sure” - make sure you ask first before just taking them.  Anyway, they worked great for this project!

I hope this inspires you to get creative with your gift wrapping!

Christmas Blessings,
Jane <><


  1. I can't imagine your family would want to open those presents and spoil what must be the most beautiful wrapping ever! You should wrap empty boxes for under the tree to keep, they're like little works of art! I visited Michaels when I was on holiday in NYC and I think I've got very similar baubles on my tree :)

  2. Thank you Nicole...you are so sweet! Hoping your Christmas is filled with blessings!

  3. Such a great idea and everyone enjoyed the pictures so much. They were a hit. Love Gregg


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