Friday, April 13, 2012

Beach Inspired Bedroom Makeover

Gregg and I love the ocean beaches, but as we live in Minnesota, we don’t get to experience them very often.  So, we thought it would be fun to transform one room in our house in a way that would bring some of the wonderful tropical feeling to Minnesota!

These are some before and after photos of our master bedroom.  The before photos were taken of the previous owners décor before we actually bought the house.



Untitled-4 copy

Untitled-5 copy

DSC_5720 copy

 Here are some of the details... 
DSC_5715 copy

DSC_5713 copy

DSC_5707 copy

I put up a fishnet to hold memorabilia and photos from past vacations...
DSC_5699 copy
All of these little shells in this photo were gathered on Sanibel Island where we were married...I made the card for our 10th anniversary
DSC_5698 copy

DSC_5696 copy
My handsome hubby on our trip to Akumal, Mexico
DSC_5695 copy

DSC_5693 copy
Snorkeling... one of my very favorite things to do!
DSC_5691 copy

DSC_5717 copy
This is a collage that I made using treasures found on our Akumal trip.  That's me walking the beach and collecting treasures.
DSC_5688 copy

DSC_5682 copy
Seashells...I am in awe of how God can make these "homes" for the creatures in the sea, and then when the little inhabitants are done with them, the houses come to shore as a beautiful gift for us...Thank you God!
DSC_5680 copy

DSC_5719 copy
A shadowbox I made with a photo I took and put on a tile...The verse expresses my thoughts when I look out at the waves as they come crashing in to shore.
DSC_5678 copy

DSC_5675 copy
Another tile I made with one of my photos
DSC_5671 copy
My Granddaughter Lillian asked me how I got the flower on the sea biscuit...when I told her that God put it there, she was so amazed (I'm amazed too)!

DSC_5666 copy
This is a photo of my Dad and me taken a couple of years ago on Memorial Day.  My Dad is a WW2 vet...I'm so proud of him!

Well, that's the makeover, with lots of other photos thrown in  :)  I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Anxiously Awaiting My Eternal Home,

Jane  <><


  1. Ahhh, Jane, our eternal home! Im looking forward to that...

    But my, my, my, you certainly have done a brilliant job in preparing a beautiful nest for your family here.
    You have such an artistic eye for detail.

    And the blue on the walls and lamps etc. is just perfect.


  2. I love the wall color. Very fitting for an beach inspired bedroom.

  3. These are AWESOME! :) -Lea

  4. what is the name of the paint color

  5. Hi Sydney! I'm so sorry I didn't answer your question earlier. For some reason I didn't see an email about your comment like I usually do.

    Unfortunately, I had Home Depot make this custom color for me. It has no name, but here is the info on the can. I'm not sure what it means, but I'm sure Home Depot would be able to mix it for you with info...

    Behr Flat Enamel - Base 1854
    CLRNT / B / D
    oz / 1 / 2
    384th / 124 / 112

    Good luck...let me know if it works out for you. Again, sorry for the delay :(

    Jane <><


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