Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Evening With “Corrie”

Corrie ten Boom's life here on this earth truly defined the word “hero”.  The inspiration that I have received from this woman can’t be put into words.  If you don’t know who Corrie ten Boom is, I highly recommend getting to know her by reading her book, “The Hiding Place” ( a best-selling autobiography).  If you have already read this book, you may want to read it again.  I promise that you will be deeply moved by the incredible life she led.  She has written over 20 other books as well.

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Last week Gregg and I had the privilege of attending a storytelling of Corrie’s remarkable years during the Nazi occupation of Holland during WW2. The story was told by a wonderful Sister in Christ, Pati Kachel.  Pati is a professional storyteller with The Parable Fund.  This Christian based organization inspires audiences through stories and programs depicting the lives of heroines of the Christian faith.  Pati transforms herself with clothing and a Dutch accent to portray Corrie ten Boom as she is speaking.  She does such a good job, and is so captivating that I had to remind myself that it wasn’t really Corrie!  It was evident that Pati had done extensive research into the life of the ten Boom family.
This is Pati (dressed as Corrie) standing next to a table filled with memorabilia from her travels to the Netherlands.

DSC_4498 copy

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This little egg cup belonged to Corrie, and was given to Pati as a gift when interviewing Corrie’s personal secretary and traveling companion in Holland.

DSC_4491 crop

Yummy German sweets were served!

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A few years ago, after reading the book “The Hiding Place”,  I did a painting inspired by the lives of Corrie and her sister, Betsie.  There is a lot of symbolism in the painting.  If you’ve read the book, maybe you can see the meaning behind the many images within the painting.  Maybe you could leave me a comment letting me know which ones you found :)


If you are interested, prints are available of this painting in my Etsy shop.  With the print I include a short biography and an explanation of each of the symbols.

A huge thank you goes out to my dear friend and sister in Christ, Laurieann.  She hosted this wonderful event.  It was an evening I will remember always!

With Love For My Savior,
Jane  <><

“His will is our hiding place.”  Betsie ten Boom
“It is not my ability, but my response to God’s ability, that counts.”  Corrie ten Boom


  1. I will have to find the book and read it. Thanks for sharing and your painting is lovely!

  2. Wow! That sounds like an amazing evening. I love the last quote. It is generally our response to God and everything that counts in our lives. Beautiful painting.

  3. I read it when I was younger, I actually had to read it for school. It was good from what a remember, but I'm sure attending the preformance was marvelous.


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