Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Another Christmas has come and gone.  I sometimes can get kind of down on myself after Christmas for getting so caught up in the gift-making, card-sending, decorating, shopping, baking, etc. instead of focusing on the amazing birth of our Lord.  To be completely honest, I find that I'm even less focused on Christ at this time of year than I am the rest of the year.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with all of the "stuff" that we do during December, but I wish I could have more of a balance.  Every year I start out with such good intentions to make Christmas more simple so that I can focus more on the true meaning of the season.  I could buy all of my gifts instead of making them.  I could buy my Christmas cards instead of making them (or maybe not send cards at all).  I could cut way back on my decorating.  I wouldn't have to bake any cookies or make any sweets.  I could use only gift bags instead of wrapping paper and ribbon.  I could say "no" to family and friend get-togethers. Yup...all of these ideas would greatly simplify my Christmas.

However...I love to make gifts and cards, and I love to decorate, and I love to wrap gifts and make sweet and tasty goodies too!  And I especially love to get together with friends and family!  So, maybe simple isn't always best for everyone.  Maybe taking time to enjoy the season and make it more meaningful is found in the very things that make me so busy this time of year.  Maybe I need to focus on Christ by being more grateful to Him for having a home to decorate, having food to eat, having the means and creativity to give personal gifts, and most importantly, having family and friends to love. 

Our Christmas card for 2011

The inside of our card

Blessings to all,
Jane  <><

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